About Me

Learning experience consultant by day, web designer by night


Hi, I’m Kim Dryden

I’m a digital nomad for part of the year, and a gardener and avid home cook when I’m home. My partner and I both work remotely and live our lives based mostly around food, travel, our two dogs, and renovating our old farmhouse in Upstate New York.

My education is in documentary film production, and I’ve worked as a producer on video projects, leader in tech, and program manager at my local women’s business center. Currently, I help entrepreneurs grow their business through amazing online learning experiences and do web design on the side. I crave creative work and love collaborating with other entrepreneurs, which is why I work exclusively with business owners and non profit leaders. 

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My skills

I work with entrepreneurs to build professional websites that work. That means going beyond design to understand your specific target market, including what they care about and how best to motivate them to action. The skills required to make an effective website go beyond making things look nice — although that’s important, too. If your project requires skills I don’t have, like animation or illustration, I can connect you with the right person.

  • User research
  • Graphic design
  • Copy writing
  • Project management
  • SEO

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